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Artist :Atomic Potato
Album :Who Killed Robby Sager?!
Title :


Before I was born there was a legend being made
Far away in California spreading through the East Bay
Four kids with a vision and the voice to shake foundations
A message crying out to all the youth within our nations

Many years have passed and the those kids have lost touch
Gone on to sell some records, tour and work in restaurants
I take a look around tell you exactly what I see
The movements still in full effect to set our minds free

Consciousness is critical without it we are lost
When you float amongst a sea of ecstasy you front the cost
Static indecision will keep on raging like a storm
You've gotta act to make a change into the world we are born

Never seem to recover from the blow
Gotta keep working hard to beat the status quo
When we rise and speak up against the decline
It might be repeating something Jesse/Tim said in 1989

It's easy to ignore if you are not part of this scene
But in this industry legends are few nor far between
Everywhere we look got icons we can look up to
and we're affected more by 89 than WWII
I don't know when I noticed but I was empty as a kid
and this music filled the gap more than religion ever did
When it's hard to understand that means that you were never hit
With the wit to notice it as something legit you cannot quit

Let the truth be known
We only have ourselves to blame
The paths we choose
Are ours to walk so stake your claim!

Tear down these walls
Don't be another victim
As we live on
We'll find the answers before long!

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