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Artist :Big Sean
Album :See Me Now
Title :

High Rise

Man i got my dark glasses on cuz im ready for the big lights
all my money counted all my rubbers skin tight
me i always stood out you was more the in type
i never follow suits you was more like pin stripes
ridin in ye's maybach smokin so its cloudy
3 girls who spent all day doing paloties
gettin money niggas think i joined illuminati
throwing westside up i'm feeling like killuminati
well isnt it ironic that im in a big body
paranoid cuz every rapper named big got bodied
boi and my bitch got bodies, but i sit her in the back
cuz my nigga called shottie

and im a G O til im an og rockin something high end like a
fuckin od they feel a nigga from ny to the oc
if we down in the fourth quarter i take it to ot
take it to 1-0 just take it as 0 and me chillin in the hot spot
cuz i never get cold feet nigga you on the sidelines praying for an audable
cuz when your legendary everything is quotable
prolly zipped his affordable order what you cant afford matter afact order more
and i think ima have the same thing my whole team gettin cash
i just call it gang green niggas on the tracks ye be on the tracks this where kobe and lebron
root for the same team
could live my life blind fold cuz every time my eyes close i just fuck around and see the same
thing yeah i just tend to see the same thing they say its meant to be when you sleep to the same dream
I hooked up with good and been living a changed

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