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Artist :Wiz Khalifa
Album :Yellow Starships
Title :

Taylor Hoe

My flow so discustin....
(hahaha, hold on)
My flow so discustin
Niggas talkin shit
Topic of discussion
Bout the boy thats on top
And they wish i wasnt
Than to see me ball at the two times three
Feet fall or kiss they cousin, ew
But the real niggas love it, and they keep that hammer
You little niggas cant touch this
And im too legit to quit
Too mich grip to trip
The weed on smokin on be like six a zip
The car im drivin cost me a tick to whip
All these diamonds say im being rediculous
All this grindin got me on the millions list
All this time and ill be in the trillions
Your on your iPhone takin pictures
Im on the island swimmin with the fishes

Im takin money, you can keep ya bitches
Fake friends, i had those
If my niggas up in your VIP,
Fill that thing with some bad hoes
And some bombay, and some champagne
And some ashtrays for them airplanes
Im throwin up my damn gang
Cause its Taylor Gang over errythang
Uhh, Taylor hoe
Taylor hoe
Taylor hoe
Taylor hoe

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