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Artist :Wiz Khalifa
Album :Yellow Starships
Title :

Purple Flowers

Rapped in the warmth of you, loving every breathe of you
Feel my heart this moment, Ooohhh
[Verse 1 - Wiz Khalifa]
Notebook, Notebook
Trapper keeper paper
Willy Wonka's in my closet, all these flavors
Shop with me you'll get exhausted
Broke nigga's they gotta dodge
They just can't afford it, yellow star ships
Walking out the men's department
Now look at that bitch riding with me, ain't she gorgeous
You 747, I be foreign, snoring
Paper like the NBA, balling
No look, big house, own cook
My chick exotic, bring what I want through
And I don't even tell them what I want
I just throw pool party's in my hotel room, and they come
Didn't know I'm famous, so she claim she ain't a groupie
You feed her Mc Donald's, I'm the kind like eating sushi
Got a lot of loose leaf (paper)
Come down to that money, Boy I'm straight, no chaser, okay
[Chorus - Rick Ross]

I'm burning purple flowers
It's burning my chest
I bury the most cash, and burning the rest [4x]
[Verse 2 - Drake]
Tryna get the green, like I'm waiting at a long light
Broke just doesn't suit me girl, and every night is prom night
Where'd I put my bow tie, millionaire multi
Rest in peace to B.I.G, and praises to the most high
Getting stupid paid, off of smart decisions
I'm the man now, I guess that parts a giving
Someone please tell me the problem, with my competition
I ask, "What's up?", and they just always say, "The cost to living"
I learn from it though, I been down, and I got up
Bring a hundred thousand to the club, and light yo' spot up
And me fallin' and landin' in love, I don't think should happen
Because everything easier to get into, than to get out of
But someone show me to the owner of this city
Cause the owner's always seen to be the only people with me
I'm still the mafa, I still run the committee
NY forever, nigga's did it (somebody remind me where I'm at)
[Chorus Outro - Rick Ross]
I'm burning purple flowers
It's burning my chest
I bury the most cash, and burning the rest [4x]

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