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Artist :Wayne Brady
Album :Radio Wayne
Title :

High Low

The High Low Song
You’re listening to Wa wa wicked Radio Wayne
Uh This goes out to all my people. This is your boy Wayne and I’m gonna teach you a brand new dance.
So I want you to get up yea you, you too, Get up Uh oh
Get Ready, Get Ready. Here we go
First thing you gotta do is shake your hand loose baby
Get your feet warm n ready
We’re about to go crazy
I’ma teach you a brand new dance.
It’s really easy you, just clap your hands
uuh a little something that we call High Low
you gotta reach for the stars and hit the floor.
So put your hand together, pull your hands apart.
Move from left to right now it’s side to side
We’re gonna practice 1 time so yo.
Here we go, clap high, clap Low.
We’re gonna practice 2 times so yo, here go
Clap high, clap Low, here we go high, high, Low, Low 7x. (yeah that’s it)
(come on 3x) One, two here we go touch your toes High Low.
This dance’s so simple, anybody can do it
Everybody just move it and
I’m about to prove it, it’s as simple as 123.
Even got Mom and Dad High Lowing with me
I got the mailman, lunch lady, Cousin Stan, Maile Brady,
All my friends going crazy doing High Low with me
Teach it to yo dog, no hands just paws.
Teach it to grandpas, grandmas just pause. . . .
Ha, ha. Here we go High, high, Low, Low 7x (yeah Come on)
Put yo hands up, ha, ha ha ha Here we go now come on

One, two, here we go, touch your toes, High Low.
Hold up, wait a minute, let’s get sophisticated
I’m gonna demonstrate it. Follow me and l’ll lead it.
Like this, come on like this. Ha Now double time
I like that, ha I like that. Now let’s go crazy . . .
Ha, ha, woooo
All the kids from around the world come running to New York, London, and to Tokyo.
When they hear this beat they all know that it’s time to go and do the High Low.
All the kids from around the world broadcast to LA down in Orlando
my High Lowgon get you man,
you know you can’t hide
get pon the rhythm High Low worldwide
Here we go now ah ah 3x
Here we go now
yea High Low, High Low High Low
High, high, Low, Low Here we go now
High Low do the High Low do the High Low
Special Agent Oso do the High Low
Handy Manny gotta do the High Low
Pat the hammer know to do the High Low
Rusty the Wrench gotta do the High Low
Mickey Mouse do the High Low
Donald Duck know to do the High Low (come on)
Imagination Movers do the High Low
Yo Tiara Moon do the High Low
Yea High, high, Low, Low
Put yo hands up High Low
One, two, here we go, touch your toes,
High Low, High Low, (fade out) High Low

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